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    I like seeing the world through the lens of a camera. There is nothing more rewarding than bringing into view an image of something extraordinary that I can see through my lens that others can't see for themselves. Because life is in the details, I focus on the details that make life worth living: the smile on the face of a man who can't contain his love for his new wife; the shy grin on a bride when she sees her reflection in the mirror on her wedding day; the joyful tears of a father standing with his daughter, presenting her to the man she'll share the rest of her life with. Because each wedding is meticulously planned as a labor of love for the marrying couple, I seek out those details that make a difference, and that years later will spark memories of their wedding day. Memories tend to fade, but photos last forever. My job is to take the best photos possible to keep these memories alive, in crisp, beautiful detail.

    I am a self-taught photographer who enjoys shooting weddings and engagements. I also specialize in beach shoots, as well. I recognize that each couple has a unique relationship and view of the world, and my job is to express your viewpoint through the lens of my camera.

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Sisters Continued

My sister’s girls. I love them. So happy to be in VA Beach for another couple of days. Look at how much they have grown here and here. 

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Toddler Frat!

The girls and I have been at the beach since Sunday. There have been tons of people in and out. Lots of kids to play with and lots of late nights. Last night their cousins and brother came to the house. Anais went to bed around 11:30 and slept until 10:30 this morning. Noor went […]

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Sidewalk Chalk + Kids = Summer

I love sidewalk chalk. I think I bought two boxes of 50 pieces before the kids arrived at the beach. I loaded it into two buckets and we have been playing with it daily since they arrived. I also started a trend where I trace their bodies and they decorate them. Every single day I have […]

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My Sister’s Daughters

The scene: Two Sisters in the Big Sister’s Bedroom, a beauty chair aka a rocking chair, a smock aka makeup bag, and lots of makeup. The bossy little sister requesting some lip gloss. The Cute Little Sister. Never enough lip gloss. A little bit of blush.  And some eye shadow.  Now it is the Big […]

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Susan G. Komen – 5k – Philadelphia PA

Every year my family walks in the Susan G. Komen 5k on Mother’s Day. I have walked for the last 17 years. When I started there were about 500 people that did it. It has now grown to over 40,000. I didn’t end up going this year. I stayed home with a sick toddler and […]

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