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    I like seeing the world through the lens of a camera. There is nothing more rewarding than bringing into view an image of something extraordinary that I can see through my lens that others can't see for themselves. Because life is in the details, I focus on the details that make life worth living: the smile on the face of a man who can't contain his love for his new wife; the shy grin on a bride when she sees her reflection in the mirror on her wedding day; the joyful tears of a father standing with his daughter, presenting her to the man she'll share the rest of her life with. Because each wedding is meticulously planned as a labor of love for the marrying couple, I seek out those details that make a difference, and that years later will spark memories of their wedding day. Memories tend to fade, but photos last forever. My job is to take the best photos possible to keep these memories alive, in crisp, beautiful detail.

    I am a self-taught photographer who enjoys shooting weddings and engagements. I also specialize in beach shoots, as well. I recognize that each couple has a unique relationship and view of the world, and my job is to express your viewpoint through the lens of my camera.

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New York

This past weekend I went to New York to visit with some of my favorite photographers. They are the photographers I have befriended because of 365. Some of us are doing it again. I must say that this time around I am really enjoying it. I am doing it for me, I am doing it […]

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So We…

I had the kids one night last week and we danced. Well we dance a lot. We also jump on the beds, play in our bare feet outside, have indoor picnics, and anything else that is fun. We were dancing to some black eyed peas in this photo. We¬†danced and jumped on beds for atleast […]

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Another Year Another 365 Pictures…

Over 3 years ago when I left my marriage I decided to find myself. I had lost that girl and knew she was in there. I knew she had so much to offer and I truly needed to not only find her but put her back together. It has been 3.5 years since I said […]

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